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Home Base Solutions provides high quality commercial aerial services through safe, certified and insured drone flight to meet all aerial requirements. Our high-quality, high-performance drones provide a cost effective alternative to traditional aviation practices such as aircraft and helicopters. We offer a wide variety of services. 

Our professional drone services

Residential and Commercial Real Estate


Captures aerial imagery for property listings to better sell quickly large pieces of property and homes with unique features.  

Aerial Surveying


Provides aerial survey perspective for cartography, topography, feature recognition, and GIS applications.

Aerial Inspections


Cost efficient option to commercially piloted aircraft and inspectors for inspecting power lines, pipelines, towers, remote substations, rail lines, highways, bridges and external structures.  

Sports and Events


Captures aerial view to showcase sports, games, and practices.  Also, provides a unique view for special events such as outdoor weddings, etc.

Resort and Golf Course Advertising


Provides a competitive edge through spectacular aerial photos/videos that stands out from the crowd in competition.

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Visual access to inaccessible terrain, aerial pictures for businesses such as car dealerships, maritime and shipping, enhance security, competitive intelligence, disaster assessment and relief, mining management and more...


Contact us today to learn more about the aerial services we provide.

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